' I didn't know Photoshop could do that! '

Work smarter with automation.


What we do for you.

  Freeing your creative process from technical grind. We help studios reach their vision by streamlining production, which frees resources to do more and better things.  We design custom tools that integrate seamlessly with your favorite visual applications. Adobe Scripted solutions with ExendScript and Script UI Adobe Creative Suite Extensions solutions. Custom Metadata XMP panel solutions for metadata entry …


Case Studies

How we make it easy.

I create integrated workflow solutions, so that you can have more… Efficiency Consistency Flexibility Creativity and most of all… Time.



What they're saying.

“Hiring Zetta was one of the best decisions we made. We found much of the work was automatable—including many steps I never thought a script could do—and were able to accomplish that work with a much smaller percentage of our budget. It was a huge win for me and my team.” - Lead Software Developer, RoosterPark …