Case Study: Creating 3D Textures from Reference Snapshots

Electronic Arts, Dead Space


With limited time and lots of actors to re-create as 3D computer characters.  How do you turn a few reference photos, into a 360 degree texture?

Strategy and Solution:

Cameras were placed in 3D space that approximated the camera positions for the character reference shots.  The snapshots were projected onto a 3D model and used as reference for shaping the head as well as getting color and texture for each region of the face.  A mask was created by rendering a frensel shaded model for each camera view.  On each render completion the images were loaded into Photoshop, and when done instantly composite.


Utilizing MEL (Maya Embedded Language) with Photoshop Extend Script can create a  a powerful 3D > 2D combination tools.  With one button you can initiate both programs to give unleash the power of rendering directly to Photoshop, for instant image processing.

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