Case Study: Exporting animated gifs with localization and strict file size controls.

Client:  Good Games Studios


We needed a quick way to create animated gif variation based on existing banner art, while changing elements to 28 different languages. The variations had to follow the animation requirements unique to each piece, and the resulting files sizes had to remain consistent, no matter how simple or complex the art.

Strategy and Solution:

The original animation sequence was preserved by analyzing the initial setup and mimicking that setup for each variant. File and layer naming conventions determined file name and save locations. Initial file size was estimated based on contrast algorithms then adjusted, lowering the quality only slightly until the desired file size was reached. Save settings were preserved, and applied to each language ensuring constant and fast results.


A batchable image processing solution eliminated repetitive tasks, and allowed for quick file creation freeing creatives to do other things, while still ensuring image quality and file size consistency.


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