Case Study: Flexible Modular solutions for a growing company

Client: SkyComp Inc


PhotoSpot was called in to help quickly create visual data traffic presentations that could enlighten non-technical audiences. Thousands of high resolution images needed to be stabilized, cropped, positioned, and composited for video and stills.  Each project required a different combination of processes so solutions had to be modular but all had to be done quickly with as few steps as possible.

Strategy and Solution:

A suite of tools were created that could run independently or in combination.  Every tool handled hiccups in data by communicating where data was missing, while continuing to process images. Quality was improved by eliminating re-compression.  Pipeline flexibility incorporated reading custom spreadsheet data, or using pre-defined image layouts.  Image details were stabilized for quality check and cropped for final composites.  Results fed seamlessly into existing video and presentation systems.


Visual data presentations were created faster then the client even thought possible; giving back valuable time to take on more jobs and expand their business.

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