Case Study: Linking Database, XMP and workflow into one solution.

Client: New Balance


We needed a flexible multi-platform product photography export solution.  It had to seamlessly blend custom XMP data into images that could go from raw Photography to finished image in as few steps as possible.  It needed to be fully integrated across multiple brands and product types with different requirements for both  print and media sources.

Strategy and Solution:

Our goal was to capitalize on asset data that already existed as part of their product tracking system.  By incorporating their existing database into a scripted toolset, we could populate an entire custom XMP schema with just ONE text entry.  The data could be used by the toolset to make decisions on how to process and export the photography within the set guidelines.


A smart, flexible, intuitive toolset that  increases file consistency, and productivity.  And lets not forget happy Photographers who can focus on better imagery and not data entry.

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