Dolby Supports Adobe XMP

Adobe XMP is an open standard for metadata, which allows content creators to add labels and settings instructions to media. With the growing power of modern cameras to capture an ever wider range of light and color, XMP offers powerful tools for including supplemental information about images and how they can be displayed, or optimized. With dynamic metadata, light and color settings for media can be adjusted on the fly, for example to apply scene-based creative looks to film content.

This makes Adobe XMP a great match for Dolby Vision, an advanced standard for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content and displays. HDR describes modern imaging technologies, enabling televisions, for example, to produce more realistic images, with more contrast, more detail in the shadows and highlights, and deeper color.

You can find the new SDK documentation here:

And for more information on the latest improvements, see here: https://blogs.adobe.comHDR Difference/creativecloud/streamlining-hdr-workflows-dolby-supports-adobe-xmp/

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